At Chew Whye Lee PAC, we’re constantly on the look out for high-calibre professionals who take pride in their work and are committed to doing what’s best for our clients. We value people are authentic, responsible and hold themselves to the highest ethical standards.



Continuous Learning Opportunities

As both an ACCA Approved Employer and an ATO, we offer professionals who join us an environment where you can learn, grow and thrive. We deliver both structured and on-the-job training to aspiring Chartered Accountants so you can build the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in this profession.


Broad Industry Exposure

When you join us, you will get the opportunity to work on a variety of engagements across a wide range of industries. The exposure you gain from diverse industry experience can broaden your knowledge, accelerate your learning and hone your technical skills.


Career and Professional Development

At Chew Whye Lee PAC, we help our people to seek out new opportunities and challenges at every level. From one-on-one coaching to on-the-job mentorship, we will provide a supportive environment for your professional development so that you can have a meaningful and rewarding career.


Accredited Training Organisation
We are an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO), certified by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) to train Chartered Accountants under the Singapore Chartered Accountant (CA) Qualification.

The ATO status is testament to the quality of our knowledge and extensive experience in our area of practice. It recognises that we possess the capabilities and resources to train and mentor aspiring chartered accountants. We are able to equip our employees with the technical knowledge and practical work experience required for their professional development under the Singapore CA Qualification.
ACCA recognized
We are ACCA Approved Employer for Trainee Development. This recognises that we have demonstrated the commitment and ability to support the training and development of ACCA trainees who are pursuing the ACCA qualification.

As an ACCA Approved Employer, ACCA trainees working for us are allowed exemption from the completion of the Performance Objectives requirement for ACCA membership. This enables you to focus on gaining practical work experience and achieving ACCA membership more quickly.


The quality of our professionals is at the core of our success. If you are interested to jumpstart your career in the accounting profession and help us shape our future, we would love to hear from you. Send us your resume or contact us at to discuss career opportunities at Chew Whye Lee PAC.