Companies incorporated in Singapore are required by law to comply with the requirements of the Singapore Companies’ Act. You need a company secretary who has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of the statutory and legal framework so you can fulfill your compliance obligations amidst a competitive business landscape.

At Chew Whye Lee PAC, we possess an in-depth understanding of the statutory corporate governance and compliance requirements. We are well-qualified to handle all your corporate secretarial matters to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Benefits of our Corporate Secretarial Services

Whether you’re a local entity, a start-up, a foreign branch office, offshore entity or a not-for-profit organisation, you can benefit from outsourcing your company secretary function to us. Here’s how we can help you with your corporate secretarial obligations:

  • Manage your administrative requirements efficiently and quickly such as by submitting your documents on a timely basis
  • Ensure the reliable fulfillment of your corporate secretarial duties including the accurate preparation of required documentation
  • Provide insights and competent advice on how to handle any complexities which arise
  • Provide flexibility and enhance cost-effectiveness so that you can focus your time and resources on growing your business


Incorporation of Companies and Business Set-Up

We can help you to set up your legal entity in Singapore. Whether it’s a Singapore company, branch of a foreign corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, representative office, society or charity, we will be able to take you through the necessary steps to incorporate your business in Singapore. These include:

  • Business name registration
  • Preparation of incorporation documents and lodgment of those documents with the relevant regulatory bodies such as the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  • Formation of societies
  • Advice on compliance obligations such as:
    • Company secretary requirements
    • Local Singapore office address requirements
    • Singapore local director requirements
    • Minimum shareholder requirements
  • Provision of a start-up kit, including Company’s Constitution, directors’ resolutions, share certificates, common seal and bank account opening

Corporate Secretarial Compliance Services

We can act as your company secretary to ensure legal compliance and corporate governance of your entity. We can help you to fulfill these corporate secretarial administrative and reporting duties:

  • Maintain statutory registers and records
  • File statutory returns in compliance with ACRA regulations and the Companies’ Act
  • File statutory returns in compliance with Registry of Societies and the Societies Act
  • File statutory returns in compliance with MCCY and the Charities Act
  • Update changes in Company’s Constitution / Society’s Constitution
  • Convene and facilitate directors’ and shareholders’ meetings
  • Prepare and record minutes or resolutions of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings
  • Update changes in directors, secretaries or auditors
  • Update changes in the corporate name, registered office or mailing address
  • Update changes in allotments of new shares, transfer of shares, rights and bonus issues, share option schemes and reduction of capital
  • Update changes in Society’s membership and committee roles

xBRL Filing

When filing their annual returns, Singapore-incorporated companies are required to submit their financial statements with ACRA using the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (xBRL) format. Under the revised xBRL filing requirements, companies have to use the templates provided by ACRA’s BizFinx portal. Our experienced team is well-versed with xBRL reporting and can assist you in preparing and filing your xBRL statements accurately and efficiently to ensure your compliance with the Companies’ Act.